• Biodiesel

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs)

  • Ethanol (E85) - Flexible Fuel Vehicles

  • Gas-to-Liquid Fuels (natural gas to diesel fuel)

  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Vehicles

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG / Propane)

  • LPG and CNG Conversions

  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)

  • Jet packs

  • skimmers

  • roo sticks

  • Aero Jets Pulse energy



 We are but a DOME in the SANDS of TIME.

Chapter 2 The Cities’ on Fusion - No con- fusion? SAMPLE EXTRACT PAGE 1

Our Aero Jet touches down at Dunedin Airport - about 30 kilometers south of the City. This City is one of three that make up Middle Island. I have a meeting with the Mayor of Dunedin, Mr. “Knuckles,” BAILEY. He's no pretender, nor shape shifter. I walk out of the Aero Jet, down the stairwell and leave the Crusader on guard there. It’s around midday, a crispy 11 degrees Celsius, light southerly wind is blowing and it’s slightly cloudy. I breathe in deeply, taking in the fresh Neu Zeeland air. I enter a dark blue four-wheel drive and drive myself to our pre-arranged meeting place at Cargill’s Castle. Yes, a Castle, Dunedin has two. This Castle was run-down for a number of generations, however, the World Order needed a communications base and operations Centre to monitor the City and its Fusion Reactor interactions and the Castle is an important part of Dunedin and Neu Zeeland history.

Sample Extract Page 3

"Well knuckles, it’s always good to see you, if you have any concerns you know how to contact Pop’s and he will relay it to me," He replies, "Yeah sure, stay safe Sai, I have a feeling the do-gooders and dis-believers are going to become a real problem especially the ones employed by the Black Gold Companies. Sai, I suggest you increase the security here and at the Fusion Reactor site, I’ll increase the Para militaries in the City, ok?" "Sure Knuckles and thanks for the heads-up." We both stand up, shake hands, and as we do so we both say to each other at the same time, “No regrets.” It’s only said when Crusaders and believers are leaving each other. That’s the correct context to say it in, not when meeting each other. I walk out of the ballroom, along the passageway to the far end. All the rooms, hallways, are covered by security cameras. I turn left into a small out cove, at the end is a solid metal door with a security camera intercom, I press the red please press me intercom button, a male voice says, “hi, please speak into the intercom pronouncing each letter of your pass code." I pronounce each word, "P, O, W, E, R, C, O, P, A, T, H," I think to myself, ah voice recognition don’t you love it. The male voice then says, "Welcome Supreme Crusader, please enter." The steel door opens inwards; I walk through the door and down a flight of stairs into an outer corridor, leading into the communications Centre.

Chapter 7 The Future is looking up, way, way up.  Sample Extract Page 11

I awaken to the sound of my front door bell, ding alinging. I am still lying stretched out on my lounge chair. Although it’s now late afternoon, I look at the security monitor and see that it’s Levi, my 80 year old Jewish neighbor. I walk up to the front door, unlock it and pull it open. “Hi Levi nice to see you” He replies, “Sai is that you?” Levi is looking at me through his strained staring eyes which are searching my face for some sort of recognition. “Yes it’s me Levi.’ He replies, “Oh good, my nephew is arriving today, wants to do what you do, will you teach him?” “Yes of course Levi.” He replies, “Thank you Sai,” I watch as Levi slowly walks toward my front gate. I shut the door and lock it. Walk to the kitchen bench and take a seat. I look up at the security monitor, I see Levi slowly walking back up to my front door. I hear the doorbell ding alinging again. I walk to the front door and unlock it and pull it open. “Hi Levi, nice to see you.” He replies, “Sai is that you?” “Yes it’s me Levi.” “Oh good, my nephew is arriving today, wants to do what you do, will you teach him?” “Yes of course Levi.”   

This time I gently grab his left arm and slowly walk him back to his own house. I talk to him calmly about the weather and this and that. I walk with him down my pathway to the front gate, open it, we turn left and we walk to Levi’s front gate, open it and I walk with him to his front door. His front door is open; I knock on the front door, within a few seconds, Adina, Levis 70-year-old wife and carer, comes out and greets me. “Oh Sai, thank you for bringing Levi back. I must have drifted off on my rocking chair and he slipped out.” I said, “That’s ok Adina, see you Levi.” Levi replies “See you Sai.” Adina gently takes Levis hand and leads him inside, closing the front door behind them. I slowly walk back to my house, poor Levi, he doesn’t have a nephew - as we get older and age wearies us, we think of things that may not be, here, there or anywhere, yet we can’t tell which is which, like where have all the birds gone? I’m feeling tired again, a slight headache is echoing through my mind, I walk back inside my house, locking my front door  behind me, walk upstairs to my bedroom. I look out the window, still no birds, so am I here, there, or anywhere. I lay down on my waterbed and rest my eyes and my mind.My FREE PDF EBOOK Chapters one and two available now via request - email stevesweats@hotmail.com

Say No to Petrol.

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Chapter 10:  We are Energy, we are Fusion. - Bull crap, we are Black Gold Company. Ivan Whites perspective. – Antagonist. Sample        extract page 8

When I first arrived in Sydney, I sold all types of drugs. Could not touch Kings Xtoss though, different cartel there, a middle-eastern one, real dirt bags, no faith, no respect, no loyalty, just thugs, The same punks been running the joint since the 90’s, using some fear tactics like saying to witnesses, you cannot hide, Australasia is not big enough, we will find you. If Uncle White had let me, I would have just turned up at their headquarters with the AK47 and wiped them all out. It is one of my biggest regrets, besides Alina dying. I do not deal in drugs anymore, I was a hypocrite, knowing that drugs had killed Alina, but I needed quick money, a lot of it, in the end I could not sleep thinking about how Alina died and here I was dealing in that crap. I bought oil and gas wells with the money, legitimized ourselves with uncle Whites blessing. He has never been so rich. He is in his 80’s but he is still the King of Kiev. I spoke to Uncle White, the other week; I asked him what I should do about the World Order. He surprised me with his answer, He said, “You can’t beat progress, you can only join it.” Now uncle White Bear, sometimes he spoke in riddles, but now as he is getting old, his riddles are becoming more confusing. But with his answer, it confused me even more. I was so used to him saying; “Wipe out the opposition, more money for us.” Now he says, join them? He got me thinking very hard about all of this. Redemption kept coming to mind. Not that it matters too much for me, if the cancer comes back I am pretty well dead anyway.


  • Alternative Fuels

  • Lithium nano Batteries

  • Energy Technology

  • Fusion Fuel Cells - 

  • Pulse weapon energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Fusion Reactors - non nuclear.
  • iion suits